Thursday, 18 August 2016

Side Table with Stencil detail $175
Grey Table With Stencil
H- 85cm D-50cm W-125cm
Blue Side Table $295.00

For 'Second Coats"
Paint can be diluted with water to achieve a more even finish. This also allows even quicker drying and sanding and uses less paint- Note; Dilute in a separate container

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tall Boy Wardrobe painted with Canterbury Blue, Zambucca Black as well as our one of our new Stencil designs, For Sale $395.00 H:168cm, D:50cm and W:115cm

We also sell a massive range of door knobs at $15.00 per door knob

Nero Watches are a brand we carry all year round and re-fill new styles and colours twice a year. They are all priced at $139.00 each and are designed for both men and women

Here at Pete's Shed and Mrs we are just in love with Canterbury Blue Chalk Infused Paints, we sell a large variety of colours along with wax, sanding blocks and brushes

We are currently clearing all our Winter Clothing to make way for Spring/Summer. All product pictured above is all reduced to $99.00. Brands such as Vigorella, Lazy Bones and Betty Basic's.

This is a $50 Sale Clothing, Everything on the above rack is only $50.00, come in and grab yourself something, it's still cold here in the Highlands for a few more months so we you will get great wear out of your sale item!!